40 Critical Essay Topics To Impress Teacher In 2020

Students believe that writing a critical essay is all about pointing out mistakes in other’s work. But this is not the case. There is a complete story behind a great write my essay work.

A critical essay is an analysis of a specific piece of work. It can be an article, book, movie, painting, or anything like that. The main purpose of writing a critical essay is to analyze and interpret a text in a wider context.

For example, if you are writing a critical essay on a book, you should concentrate on analyzing the tone of the text and identify how it influences the overall purpose and meaning of the book. If you are writing an analysis essay on a movie, better concentrate on symbols presented in the movie.

Whether you are experienced in analyzing literature content or writing a critical essay for the first time. Mastering the techniques for writing a great critical paper is very important to score good grades. Most students get stuck at the first step of crafting a critical essay - choosing a topic. To help you out, this article includes the best and latest 40 critical essay ideas that you can consider for writing your essay. 

  1. Discuss the history of the USA while using a realist approach

  2. Describe the recurring concept in TV shows

  3. Do you think fossil fuels can be replaced? How?

  4. Critically analyze a classic movie and its remake

  5. How politics contribute to nature?

  6. Dependence of a human being on nature

  7. Who is the economic superpower? And why?

  8. Analysis of a toy industry analysis

  9. The role of modern art in our society

  10. How cancer has become an epidemic

  11. Analyze the benefits of indoor games

  12. Health care provider and faith diversity

  13. Share your point of view of life as a puzzle

  14. Your favorite character in a book

  15. Look at a remake of a classic movie

  16. Racism in police enforcement

  17. Discuss ways to efficiently budget

  18. What are the problems of eating healthy?

  19. Feminist ideologies in a piece of literature

  20. Describe the effectiveness of the use of imagery in a poem

  21. What is the general “humor” portrayed in mass media today?

  22. What makes a good and captivating drama series?

  23. The effectiveness of the law system against drugs

  24. Describe what you think is the biggest social problem persistent in your country

  25. Stock market and how it affects your daily life

  26. Benefits of new online currencies these days

  27. Critique the type of economic exchange in your locality

  28. Ways to reduce your spending 

  29. How social media discuss disseminates useful information about economics

  30. Discuss how historical figures are portrayed in movies

  31. A story from a book that you are going to follow in your life

  32. Critically analyze the experience of reading an ebook

  33. Does modern technology make life easier?

  34. The pattern of decision making of nature

  35. Analyze the correlation between health and meat consumption

  36. Space research and what should be the government’s contribution 

  37. Do corruption and casteism go hand in hand?

  38. Should the government ban the lottery industry?

  39. Do you think China is a new superpower in the world? 

  40. Critically analyze the economic nationalism and economic liberalism

Pick a topic that you can easily and effectively handle. Sometimes students choose a fancy topic on which they have no idea at all. Eventually, it leads to weak analysis and a subjective criticism that ruins the whole purpose of writing a critical write essay for me. So, choose an appropriate topic that can help you enhance your skills and abilities. 

Feel free to choose from the above topic and start the writing process easily. If you’re still confused and need help writing your critical essay, you can look for a professional essay writing service online. Getting help from professional writers is all you need whenever you are unable to complete your assignments due to the lack of time, skills, or any other reason. 

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