Useful Technique To Draft Compare and Contrast Essay

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Simply, a compare and contrast essay analyzes and evaluates the similarities and differences between two objects or subjects. These subjects and objects should be from the same category to write my essay on it.

These kinds of essays are often asked to draft them for student’s academics. For this purpose, it is very important to learn how to write a winning and effective compare and contrast essay.

These easy steps will help you draft a perfect compare and contrast essay:

Choose a topic: The first thing is to come up with a subject or object on which you will draft your essay. Think of objects that belong to the same category or group that can be differentiated. For example, if you want to draft an essay on two singers, you can draw a comparison between a pop singer and a classical singer.

Think of similarities and differences: Now that you have a topic to write your essay, think of all the similarities and differences. To get more data on similarities and differences you can conduct research by going through existing information on the subject matter.

Roughly draft a list of all the similarities and differences. You can also draw a Venn diagram to state differences and similarities. Make two circles whose little portions are overlapping each other. The overlapping section will determine the similarities and the separate section will present the differences.

This diagram will help you a lot in the writing process of your compare and contrast essay.

Form the main argument for your essay: A good and a strong compare and contrast essay is way more than just portraying similarities and differences. A writer forms the main argument or a thesis statement which becomes a foundation for your essay.

When making a list of differences and similarities, you will figure out its significance and what they are saying about the topic. This will be the main argument or stance of the compare and contrast essay.

Decide a structure: A compare and contrast essay can be written following three structures.

. Block Structure: According to this structure, all of the information regarding one object is presented first and then the information about the other object just like that in cause and effect and problem solution essay.

. Chain Structure: Chain or point by point structure is the portrayal of the information in a way that the similarity or difference of one object is immediately followed by the other object’s similarity or difference.

It is up to the writer which structure he wants to choose for his essay. Following these steps will make you draft an exceptional compare and contrast essay. You can always ask a professional to “write essay for me” if having any trouble in drafting your academic assignment.

Write an outline: After deciding on a structure, outline your essay. All of the gathered information will go into the essay in a way that it forms an introduction, body, and conclusion for the essay.

Compare and contrast essay writing service follows the general essay outline as well. Open your essay with an introduction of the topic, gather material to further elaborate it in the body section and then conclude your essay.

Give strong evidence: A good and effective essay depends on the strong reasoning and shreds of evidence. You can also provide your real-life experiences but make sure it is logical and can be proven through facts.

Use transition words: A compare and contrast essay strongly depends on the transition words. These transition words bring a smooth and logical flow in your essay making it meaningful and sensible. Words like “similarly, in contrast, likewise, both, however”, etc. are some words that are used to connect points and ideas.

Proofread and edit: After you have finished writing your essay it is very important to recheck and proofread it. This is to get rid of all the mistakes and errors that you did not notice while writing your essay.

Check for all the information provided, its grammar, vocabulary, spellings, format, etc. and making editings if required.

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